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Elevate Your Brand Presence With Professional Email Signatures

Through partnerships with Microsoft's trusted leading providers for Email Signature Management Solutions, BlueRidge IT helps organizations implement professional, compliant, and secure email signatures across all email apps and devices - including Windows, Mac, mobiles, and tablets.

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Why Does Your Organization Need An Email Signature Management Solution?

Maintain Brand Consistency

Ensure that every email sent from your organization reflects your brand's visual identity, including logos, colors, and fonts.

Industry & Legal Compliance

Include necessary disclaimers, privacy notices, and other essential information in your email signatures.

Marketing & Engagement

Turn every email into a marketing opportunity by promoting upcoming events, special offers, or new products and services directly within email signatures.

Establish Centralized Control

Stop chasing employees about manually changing their outdated signatures. Centralized control ensures all updates are done in a click.

Brand Credibility

A well-designed email signature conveys professionalism and will instill trust in your recipients.

Consistency On Every Device & Client

Email signatures appear on every email, no matter what device or client used. Options are available for both private and public clouds.

With BlueRidge IT, your organization will avail of:

Planning and Active Directory set-up for email signature roll-out
Design and configuration including language attributes and brand elements
User acceptance testing across clients and devices
Implementation of corporate approved signatures, banners, and disclaimers
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